Recycle artist and activist

Hi, I´m Thomas Dambo -  Recycle artist and activist

On a mission to save the world from drowning in trash!

Get my book!

My book Trash, Trolls and Treasure Hunts includes the unlikely story of how a dedicated dumpster diver from Denmark (that’s me) created a worldwide troll-hunting phenomenon and many more stories about how I built my first 100 giant trolls. Get it on my webshop or in a shop closer to you.

2024 is cooking!

In 2024, I'm creating more than 20 sculptures made of recycled materials - of course! Malin’s Fountain has arrived in Austin (Texas), Greta Granite and Erik Rock now live in South County (Rhode Island),  “Alexa’s Elixir”, a 6 piece exhibition just opened in Detroit Lakes (Minnesota). “Save The Humans” is still on display in Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville. Later this year I’m also installing work in Denmark, France and California.

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Trash Talk

Recycling for all purposes, building Trolls, traveling, meeting people of all kinds. These are the central topics of my weekly episode of Trash Talk on YouTube. Get behind the scenes when I create my sculptures; learn how I created a worldwide treasure hunt for my troll number 100: Månemor, and follow how I am transforming my studio for more sustainable energy production, biodiversity and reforestation.